Description of the studies

Postgraduate Executive Master of Business Administration studies are amongst the most prestigious and recognised in the world managerial qualifications intended for people of business and senior management. The curriculum of EMBA studies allows for effective completion of academic education in the field of management and business. The graduates of EMBA postgraduate studies, gain advantage over competition and increase their value and their attractiveness in the job market.

The curriculum of EMBA post graduate studies is designed, first of all, for managerial staff, member of statute organs, directors of trading companies, managers, or those who want to take managerial positions, in order to use their knowledge and skills in various fields, among others, in finance management, marketing, human resource management, the media and PR and coaching.

The graduates of EMBA postgraduate studies gain comprehensive look at management and development, while improving their knowledge, competence, and skills and becoming reputable specialists and people on their way to professional success. The basic modules of postgraduate studies in EMBA curriculum are based on specific needs of managerial practice and realised by outstanding specialist researchers and practitioners from Poland and abroad.

Academic staff